January 8, 2024. –¬† Silicon Valley, CA

ARTI Analytics Inc, a trailblazer in the artificial intelligence industry, is proud to announce its expansion into the European market with the establishment of a new office and team based in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This strategic move marks a significant step in the company’s global growth and commitment to fostering innovation in AI technology on a worldwide scale.

Located in the heart of Europe, the Sarajevo office will focus on several key areas: advancing product development, conducting cutting-edge applied AI research, servicing European Union-based customers, and supporting business requirements for the U.S. operations. This expansion not only strengthens ARTI Analytics’s global presence but also enhances its capacity to meet the diverse needs of its international clientele.

ARTI Analytics’s expansion into Europe represents a crucial chapter in our journey to become a global leader in AI technology,” stated Joerg Ferchau, CEO of ARTI Analytics. “Sarajevo is not just a bridge between East and West, but also a burgeoning hub for tech talent and innovation. Our presence here will enable us to tap into exceptional talent and opportunities, allowing us to better serve our customers and drive forward our mission of transforming the AI landscape.”

Adding to the excitement, Dr. Migdat Hodzic, the Chief Technology Officer based in Bosnia, remarked, “Establishing our operations in Sarajevo is a strategic choice that aligns with our vision of fostering a diverse and inclusive technological environment. We are thrilled to contribute to the region’s growing tech ecosystem and look forward to collaborating with local talent to push the boundaries of what’s possible in AI.”

With this new office, ARTI Analytics is set to amplify its impact in the AI field and continue its trajectory of rapid growth and innovation.